Courses of study at a glance

    • B.A Part-I, II & III                                                        
    • B. Com (Regular) Part-I, II & III
    • B. Com (Professional) Part-I, II
    • BCA Part- I, II & III
    • B. Sc. (IT) Part-I, II
    • B.Sc (Non Medical) Part-I, II
    • M.A. (Punjabi) Part-I, II
    • M.Sc. (I. T.) Part-I, II
    • P.G. Diploma in Computer Applications (1 Year)
    • P.G. Diploma in Dress Desg.  and tailoring (1 year)
    • Diploma in Dress designing and Dress Making
    • Add on course cosmetology along with B.A/B.Com. / B.Sc. (IT)/BCA
    • Beauty Culture Course after matric
    • DCA


      Compulsory subjects

      1. General English    
                 2. General Punjab/Punjabi History & culture
      Student have to opt for three subjects from the following subjects:-  
      1. Economics/History
      2. Political science/Philosophy/mathematics.
      3. Elective Punjabi/ Hindi/ Functional Punjabi
      4. Home Science/Computer sc./Music (Vocal)/Physical Edu.
      5. Fashion Designing
      6. Add on course cosmetology along with B.A./B.Com/BCA/B.Sc.(IT)


      B.Com. Semester-1

      Business Communication
      Financial Accounting
      Computer  Fundamental 
      Functional  Management 
      Business Statistics     

      Corporate Accounting 
      Corporate Laws
      Financial Market Operations
      International Business
      Business Environment
      Environmental Studies-1

      B.Com. Semester-II                    
      Cost Accounting           
      Commercial Law           
      Business Economics     
      Business Organisation  
      Viva Voice     

      B.Com. Semester-IV
      Enterpreneurship& Small Businesses
      Industrial lwas
      Insurance & Risk Management
      Indian Econom
      Environmental Studies-IIy

      B.Com. (Professional)

      B.Com. (professional) (Sem. I)

      1. Communication skills
      2. Gen. Punjabi
      3. Financial Accounting
      4. Micro Economics
      5. Mercantile  Law
      6. Management Principles and practices
      7. Quantitative techniques for Business-I (Sem.III)

      1. Cost Accounting
      2. Company Law
      3. Corporate Accounting
      4. Operation Research
      5. Business Ethics 7 Corporate Social Responsibility
      6. Business Environment
      7. Marketing Management
      8. Environment studies-I (professional) (Sem.II)

      1. Communication Skills
      2. Gen. Punjabi
      3. Macro Economics
      4. Advance d Accounting
      5. Industrial and Labour Laws
      6. Quantitative Techniques for business-II
      7. Computer  Application for Business (Professional) (Sem.IV)

      1. Management of Banking Operations
      2. Cost Control Management
      3. Insurance and Risk Management
      4. Indirect T ax Laws
      5. Management Accounting
      6. Contemporary Issues in Business
      7. Viva – Voce
      8. Environment Studies-II

      Bachelor of Computer Application BCA

      Bachelor of Computer Application BCA (Sem.I)

      1. Introduction to programming (C)-I
      2. Introduction to Computer and I.T.
      3. Mathematics Foundation of Computer Science
      4. Communication Skill-I
      5. Punjabi
      6. Practical of  Programming in C & IT.

                                BCA (Sem. III)

      1. Computer Architecture
      2. DBMS
      3. C++
      4. Environmental Studies
      5. Programming Lab. C++
      6. Programming Lab. Oracle

      BCA (Sem. II)

      1. Introduction to Programming (C)-II
      2. Principles of Digital  Electronics
      3. Numerical methods & Statistical Techniques
      4. Communication  Skill-II
      5. Punjabi
      6. Practical-I

      BCA (Sem. IV)

      1. Data Structure and File Processing
      2. Information Systems
      3. Internet Applications
      4. System Software
      5. Environmental Studies-II
      6. Programming Lab.-I
      7. Programming Lab.-II

      Bachelor of  IT B.Sc. (IT)

      Bachelor of  IT
      B.Sc. (IT) (Sem.I)

      1. Fundamentals of Computers
      2. C-Programming Part-I
      3. Basic Mathematics & Statistics
      4. Communication Skills-I
      5. Punjabi
      6. Practical-I

      B.Sc.(IT) (Sem.III)

      1. Object Oriented Programming Using C++
      2. Data Structure
      3. System analysis &  Design
      4. Environmental  Studies-I (Compulsory)
      5. Programming Lab-I (C+ Programming  Language)
      6. Programming Lab-II (Data structure)

              B.Sc. (IT) (Sem. II)

      1. Communication Skills-II
      2. Punjabi
      3. Principles of Digital Electronic
      4. C Programming Part-II
      5. Numerical Methods
      6. Practical-II

      B.Sc. (IT) (Sem. IV)

      1.  Database management System & Oracle
      2. Internet Applications
      3. Java &  Web Design
      4. Environmental Studies-II ( Compulsory)
      5. Compiler Design
      6. Programming Lab-I (Oracle)
      7. Programming Lab-II HTML & ( Java)

      D.C.A. (Diploma in Computer applications)

      D.C.A. (Diploma in Computer applications)
       D.C.A. (Sem. I)

      1. PC Computing I
      2. PC Computing II
      3. Lab. I

      D.C. A. (Sem.II)

      1. Data Base management System
      2. Information Technology & Operating System
      3. Lab.II


       Eligibility :-
       A Student Who has passed B.A. with at least 50% Marks in eligible to join P.G.D.C.A.
      P.G. D.C.A. (Sem. I)
      Paper I         Pc Computing – I (MS Office )
      Paper II        Pc Computing – II ( professional  DTP)
      Paper III       Fundamentals Of Computer and Operating System
      Paper IV       Database Management System Through
                           Oracle 8 & SAD web Designing and uses of internet
      P.G.D.C.A. (Sem. II)
      Paper I          Network Concepts and management
      Paper II        Programming in  C
      Paper II        Introduction to scripting Languages
      Paper IV      E-Commerce Business

      M.A. Punjabi

      Eligibility :-
      A student who  has passed B.A. With at least 50 marks in eligible to join M.A. I student to be Offered:

      M.A. Punjabi (Sem. I)
      M.A. Punjabi (Sem. II)
      M.A. Punjabi (Sem. III)
      M.A. Punjabi (Sem. IV)


      M.Sc. (IT)Semester System

      M Sc. (IT) Semester I, II, III, IV.
      Eligibility: Graduate with Computer Science/ IT/Computer Application/ Computer Maintenance as one of the Elective Subjects with 50% marks in aggregate.

      B.C.A./B.Sc (I.T.)/B.I.T. or equivalent there to with at least 50% marks in aggregate
      Graduate with Mathematics as an Elective Subject and P.G.D.C.A./PG Diploma in information Tech./PG Diploma in E-Commerce and internet Application or equivalent with 50% marks in aggregate.


      To provide job opportunities to the students. Collage has started Post Graduate Diploma in Dress Designing and Tailoring. Graduate student are eligible to join P.G.D.D.D.T.

      D.D. Certificate Course:

      Certified course in Dress Designing & Making a student who passed matric in eligible to join the course.

      Cosmetology(Add on course)

      Add on course
      Collage has started add on course (cosmetology) at first degree w.e.f. the session 2009-2010